For those with grass pollen allergy, this is the right time to prepare oneself for allergy season. Desensitization helps to reduce the symptoms such as conjunctivitis, rhinitis, runny nose, sneezing, coughing, including bronchial asthma. These symptoms should be taken seriously as pollen allergy can even lead to bronchitis and in the worst case even to an attack (exacerbation). An allergy test should be performed to find out which allergen is causing these symptoms.

Information on current pollen concentration in Austria can be found here: Pollen concentration in Austria

Dr. Okamoto informs about grass allergy

An allergy in general is a specific form of intolerance or hypersensitivity, leading to overreactions to certain substances that are otherwise harmless. Allergies are inborn and persist during the entire life.

As the disease causing allergens are difficult to avoid, preventive measures are required. Desensitization is an effective method to reduce the symptoms. Some allergies occur seasonally, and desensitization should be started prior to the season of the allergy. For example, for grass allergy, it is now time to start with therapy. An allergy test proving your allergy is necessary.

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