Prof. Dr. Ichiro Okamoto, board certified dermatologist offers acne therapy in Vienna. An effective treatment adjusted to the patient’s needs reduces persistent skin irregularities, the risk of severe bacterial infections as well as scaring due to delayed cure.

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Acne particularly on the face but also on other parts of the body can have severe impact on ones personal well-being. In general, people with acne might make an “unclean” appearance, even though acne has usually nothing to do with hygiene or unhygienic lifestyle. “Self treatment” such as sqeezing is commonly performed to improve ones personal image, however these attempts are mostly contra-productive leading to even deeper pus producing pustules and inflammations. Deeper and larger scars are the consequences making it harder to hide or cover these defects. Common skin care products available over the counter are then ineffective and a visit at a doctor’s office becomes inevitable.

Acne treatment in Vienna by dermatologist Prof. Dr. Okamoto

Depending on the severity, treatment options range from purely external treatment strategies to systemic treatments administered orally. The individual therapy will be optimized to the patient’s needs depending on the actual skin condition.

What is acne?

Aknebehandlung in Wien bei Hautarzt Prof. Dr. Okamoto

In principle, acne is a consequence of a dysregulation of the sebaceous glands (for example during puberty). Clogged pores (white heads or comedos) are therefore commonly seen in patients with acne. These “heads” can turn into “black heads” once the comedo opens and the pore or the sebum starts to stain dark due to dust. In an advanced stage, these pores can start to be inflamed leading to red spots and even to production of pus. If pus together with sebum starts to accumulate, the initially small pustules can grow even to nodules of a few centimeters (acne nodulocystica).

Various types of acne

Each type of acne is characterized by its appearance, age at onset, cause and degree of severity. The most common form is called acne vulgaris, which affects mostly but is not limited to young people in the puberty. Acne vulgaris belongs to the type of endogenous acne because its cause is a dysregulation of sexual hormones which is common among teenagers. However, this condition can delay or even last longer than the actual puberty.

Further types of acne are:

  • Acne infantum: this type of acne affects younger children, sometimes even infants.
  • Acne rosacea is an “adult type” of acne, mostly males of middle age or older are affected. It starts with red patches due to enlarged vessels on the face (typically nose and cheek). The maximum form is also called rhinophym (rum or brandy blossom). As the name implicates, the cause is external in this case, very commonly but not exclusively associated with alcohol consumption. Repeated cold temperature or change of cold and warm temperature are other common triggers of acne rosacea.
  • Acne cosmetica: Incompatibility with cosmetic products are common and acne cosmetica is one of various types of reaction of intolerance (see also contact dermatitis). Abortion of the use of these products is often sufficient.
  • Acne aestivalis: Also known as “Mallorca acne“, it was first decribed in patients comming back from summer vacations. The cause ist still not completely revealed, however increased UV exposure seems to be responsible for the development of this type of acne.
  • Acne inversa: Inflamed follicles can be found also on the big folds of the body such as axilla (arm pit), groin or on the bottom. They can be very painful challenging daily life.
  • Perioral dermatitis: Permanent humidification of the skin particularly on the face (around the mouth) can have acne like skin inflammation as a consequence. Most common cause of this type of acne is the regular use of moisturizing cremes or lotions such as day and night cremes.

Individual acne therapy in Vienna

Early and effective treatment of acne can improve your skin, image and self esteem and prevents from disfiguring long term damages such as acne scars. Prof. Dr. Okamoto is a board certified dermatologist with a private praxis in A-1080 Wien, Skodagasse 32.

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