opening hours

We can do it!

Since the beginning of our restrictions (curfew) in Austria, 10 days have passed. Life has changed and very much was new and unfamiliar, and for almost all of us, this period seems not to end. On Friday (March 27th, 2020), the Austrian government did not announce a tightening of the existing rules! Please follow the

We are here for you!

Despite some contradictory information regarding rejected patients by doctors' offices, we continue to be here for you! The risk of a covid 19 infection cannot be excluded anywhere, however, the risk of infection in private offices is very low considering the low frequency of patients. Moreover, to ensure your safety, temperature is measured and travel

Dermatologist Dr. Okamoto: Office still in operation

Office still in operation Due to the current situation, we would like to inform you that the office is still in operation. In case of a break, you will be informed on this homepage. Should you think you might be infected by the Covid 19 virus, please call 1450 and do not leave your home!