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The Irish Skin Foundation comments on Dr. Okamoto’s research and urges people to know their skin type

As reported previously in our News "Fair skin does not need sun to raise melanoma risk", Dr. Okamoto’s team has described genetic variants that are responsible for light skin complexion and therefore burn easily after sun exposure, rises risk of melanoma independently of sun exposure. The Irish Skin Foundation comments to this scientific work and

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New article by Dr. Okamoto about sun protection and skin cancer prevention in JATROS

Dr. Okamoto informs in JATROS, a journal for practicing physicians about sun protection and skin cancer prevention. Melanoma is still increasing and belongs to the most dangerous types of skin cancer. New article about sun protection and skin cancer prevention by Dr. Okamoto In this article (in German), dermatologist Dr. Okamoto explains how melanoma develops and how

Univ. Prof. Dr. Okamoto from Vienna, Austria informs about familial melanom in SPECTRUM DERMATOLOGIE

Univ. Prof. Dr. Okamoto informs about the possibility of a genetic testing of familial melanoma (i.e. individuals with increased risk of melanoma) in SPECTRUM DERMATOLOGIE (print media in German). Dr. Okamoto informs about familial melanoma Univ. Prof. Dr. Okamoto gives information about who is at increased risk and what can be done to avoid fatality. Univ. Prof.