Informations about urticaria by Dr. Okamoto

Univ. Prof. Dr. Okamoto is a Netdoktor Expert und informs online about skin diseases. The online portal netdoktor.at informs about diseases, health issues, therapy and diverse treatment options. Here, you will find medical and health related information. Dr. Okamoto informs about urticaria at Netdoktor.at Dr. Okamoto showed light on urticaria as a medical expert in dermatology at netdoktor.at. How does urticaria arise, and what

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Information on urticaria by Dr. Okamoto

Urticaria or hives are skin colored to slightly red rashes with a characteristic appearance. They appear quickly and are often transient. However, some can endure for months. Dr. Okamoto informs about hives Univ. Prof. Dr. Okamoto informs as a medical expert for dermatology about urticaria/hives: typical symptomes causes and triggers treatment Dermatologist Dr. Okamoto in Vienna is also an medical expert on netdoktor.at (online, in German), and informs about urticaria/hives

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