Particularly in winter, exsiccation of the skin with tendency to scale and itch is common. If not treated properly, painful fissures will develop challenging daily life. Moreover, aggravation of inflammatory skin diseases such as atopic dermatitis, eczemas and psoriasis are very common in winter. The cause of this aggravation is cold temperature and dry ambient air. Heating indoors dries out the air as well as the skin even more but simple methods are sufficient to protect your skin from exsiccation.

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Skin care in winter

Cold temperature and heated air indoors are the main cause for sensitive and dry skin. Skin care products used in summer might be not suitable in winter. Therefore, cleansers, soaps and skin care products should be adjusted to your needs depending on the climate or season. Only rich (oily) lubrication offer sufficient care and protection against exsiccation in winter as exsiccation of the skin has nothing to do with dehydration. Cold creams with only little oil content will not be very helpful to prevent damage.

Trockene Haut - Behandlung bei Hautarzt Prof. Dr. Okamoto

Tipps for application

Obviously, areas that are exposed to ambient air require care. However, also parts that are covered by clothes should not be neglected. Arms and legs can be irritated additionally by wears that are heavier and thicker in winter than in warmer seasons. Application of lubrication ointments before going to bed is particularly effective to prevent skin irritation as the ointment has more time to exert its protecting effect. Thereby, the amount of the ointment is not as crucial as the frequency of application. The more often someone uses the ointment the better protection is provided.

In the tub

Naturally, hygienic condition is of upmost importance for skin care. However, sometimes even contact with water can be very painful. In this case, bath oil can be helpful.

In summary, proper skin care in the cold season shoul include

  • lubrication with higher oil than water content that are available on prescription
  • apply a thinner layer on the face while arms and legs can be covered more generously
  • lubricate broken skin before going to bed
  • hands after wash should be treated
  • use bath oils instead of soaps
  • only continous skin care is effective

The skin requires sun protection even in winter

Sun protection should be everyday routine already. For outdoor activities such as skiing, snowboarding, sledding, or skating, one should not forget to cover exposed areas with sun creams. Especially in winter, the skin is not prepared for UV exposure and therefore more sensible to sun compared to summer. Therefore, sun cream should not be missed in cold seasons.

For more information about skin care in winter, please visit Tipps for proper skin care in winter.

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