Please use the contact form below to obtain an appointment at Prof. Dr. Okamoto’s office within a short time.

For arranging an appointment for an urgent treatment at Prof. Dr. Okamoto in Vienna (private praxis) please contact our office by phone +43 1 40114/5701, email or use the online-form.

We are happy to help you with a treatment within a few working days. Besides using the electronic contact form, you are very welcome to call us under +43 1 40114/5701.

Please note that we do NOT accept the ecard (the Austrian public healthcare provider, “Krankenkasse”).

Which diseases require a treatment within short time?

  • herpes
  • shigles or herpes zoster
  • erysipelas
  • acute eczemas
  • abscess
  • acute episodes of atopic dermatitis
  • sever sun burn
  • drug rash
  • burns and combustions
  • any rash or alterations on the skin with fever

Should you require an immediate care after acute accidents, allergic reactions or acute deterioration of physical condition of any kind, please contact the nearest hospital (see the list of public hospital in Vienna below) or call the emergency number 144.

Emergency Numbers in Vienna

Please note that we cannot guarantee for current correctness and completeness of the listed numbers and opening hours.

Organisation Phonenumber Availability
Ambulance 144 0 – 24 hours
Police 133 0 – 24 hours
Fire service 122 0 – 24 hours
Emergency Doctor 141 Mo. – Fr.: 19h – 7h
Weekend: from Friday 19h-Monday 7 h
Public Holiday: 0 – 24 h
Euro-Emergency Call 112 0 – 24h
Poisoning-Informations-Headquarters +43 1 406 43 43 0 – 24h
Gas Emergency Call 128 0 – 24h

Hospitals with dermatology departments in Vienna

Please note that we cannot guarantee for current correctness and completeness of the information provided. This list should be regarded as examples of hospitals with dermatology departments and around the clock service of dermatologists in Vienna. Also, this is not regarded as any recommendations and serves merely for the purpose of information. Again, although we care about updating our information, we do not guarantee for correctness of all details provided.

Hospital Phone Number Address/Route on Google Maps
Krankenanstalt Rudolfstiftung +43 1 711 65 – 0 1030 Wien, Juchgasse 25
AKH Vienna +43 1 40400 – 0 1090 Wien, Währinger Gürtel 18-20
Kaiser-Franz-Josef-Hospital +43 1 601 91 – 0 1100 Wien, Kundratstraße 3
Hospital Hietzing +43 1 801 10 – 11 1130 Wien, Wolkersbergerstraße 1
Wilhelminenspital +43 1 491 50 – 0 1160 Wien, Montleartstraße 37
SMZ Ost – Donauspital +43 1 288 02 – 0 1220 Wien, Langobardenstraße 122

Contact Prof. Dr. Okamoto

For appointments, please contact us by phone +43 1 40114/5701, 5702 or 5703, or via E-Mail or contact form.

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