Despite some contradictory information regarding rejected patients by doctors’ offices, we continue to be here for you!

The risk of a covid 19 infection cannot be excluded anywhere, however, the risk of infection in private offices is very low considering the low frequency of patients. Moreover, to ensure your safety, temperature is measured and travel history questioned for each entry into the office.

Dermatologist Dr. Okamoto treats urgent skin diseases

Therefore, you should not leave a disease that required urgent treatment in general. These conditions that require urgent treatment are among others:

  • painful alteration of the skin (such as shingles)
  • sudden reddening of the skin (such as borreliosis)
  • sudden alteration of the skin with fever (such as erysipelas)
  • wide spread flash or rash (such as drug induced rash or allergic reactions)
  • suspicious moles

The delayed diagnosis and treatment can lead to severe consequences.

Please take care of yourself and keep well!

Appointment Ordination Prof. Dr. Okamoto

Please contact the Ordination of Prof. Dr. Okamoto, under +43 676 967 4013  or +43 1 40114, DW 5701,  or E-Mail, for an Appointment in the Ordination in Vienna.