Skin care in winter

Which care does our skin need in winter? How can we protect and care our skin effective in the cold months? Prof. Okamoto was answering questions for the health magazine "MEDIZIN populär" regarding skin care in winter: Further information can be found here. "MEDIZIN populär" is a health magazin in Austria, published from the Verlagshaus der Ärzte

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Univ. Prof. Dr. Okamoto in Vienna informs about dry skin

Particularly during winter, our skin is exposed to various stress factors. Cold temperature outdoors and dry air in heated rooms challenge the barrier function of the skin. Additionally, heavier winter clothes are not helpful to prevent dry skin. Dr. Okamoto informs how to keep skin fit for winter Dr. Okamoto, board certified dermatologist in Vienna

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Univ. Prof. Dr. Okamoto in Vienna informs about sun protection at

Univ. Prof. Dr. Okamoto is netdoktor expert and informs online about skin diseaes. (in German) is an online platform on health and informs about diseases, symptoms and their treatment. Dr. Okamoto informs about sun protection at Univ. Prof. Dr. Okamoto provides information as a medical expert for dermatology at on sun protection (in German) Which skin types exist? How do sun protection products work?

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Age Spots (Lentigo)

Age spots or lentigos can be cosmetically annoying. However, they are also of medical relevance. Pigmentary abnormalities can be disturbing. Despite numerous treatment options offered even over the counter, these alterations require an inspection by a specialist. Melanomas are a common differential diagnosis of these spots. Dermatologist Dr. Ichiro Okamoto is a board certified dermatologist in Vienna (1080

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Sun protection: What you need to know about sun protection

Appropriate sun protection prevents from sundamage and skin cancer.  Despite the importance of sun protection or appropriate sun exposure, and the general awareness about skin cancer risk, there are still some ambiguity in real life. Dr. Okamoto's interview now in Dr. Okamoto, dermatologist in Vienna (Austria), answers questions on sun protection as a dermatologist in the following

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