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Skin care in winter

Which care does our skin need in winter? How can we protect and care our skin effective in the cold months? Prof. Okamoto was answering questions for the health magazine "MEDIZIN populär" regarding skin care in winter: Further information can be found here. "MEDIZIN populär" is a health magazin in Austria, published from the Verlagshaus der Ärzte

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Univ. Prof. Dr. Okamoto in Vienna informs about dry skin

Particularly during winter, our skin is exposed to various stress factors. Cold temperature outdoors and dry air in heated rooms challenge the barrier function of the skin. Additionally, heavier winter clothes are not helpful to prevent dry skin. Dr. Okamoto informs how to keep skin fit for winter Dr. Okamoto, board certified dermatologist in Vienna

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Treatment of eczema by Dr. Okamoto

Especially in the cold season, eczema can aggravate. Red scaly patches that itch and sometimes even blister are the consequences. The skin is vulnerable and through minor injuries (scratching!), bacteria can invade to the skin (see also erysipelas). Eczemas are in principal chronic but can be a serious challenge in daily life. An appropriate treatment should

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Tipps for proper skin care in winter

Skin care in winter - particularly in Vienna - is very important as low temperature and heated rooms increase the risk of dry skin. Many expats from numerous countries suffer from eczema, severe attack of atopic dermatitis or other skin diseases after experiencing winter in Vienna, as the climate is different compared to their homelands. Especially hands,

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Skin care in summer

Skin care requires to be adjusted to seasonal changes. Conditions in summer, are different to those in the colder seasons. Skincare in summer: Dr. Okamoto's interview now on As an expert on dermatology, Dr. Okamoto informs about skincare in summer in „Hautpflege im Sommer“, published online at In the Article you can find the

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