Especially in the cold season, eczema can aggravate. Red scaly patches that itch and sometimes even blister are the consequences. The skin is vulnerable and through minor injuries (scratching!), bacteria can invade to the skin (see also erysipelas). Eczemas are in principal chronic but can be a serious challenge in daily life. An appropriate treatment should therefore include a longterm strategy to prevent relapses. (Regarding prevention of allergies, please see our article about allergen immunotherapy).

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Dr. Okamoto informs about eczemas

As a medical expert on dermatology Prof. Okamoto informs about eczemas and how to avoid dry skin in winter

Common types of eczemas:

  • contact dermatitis
  • atopic dermatitis
  • nummular eczema
  • dyshydrotic eczema (pompholyx)
  • seborrhoic eczema

Measures to prevent from dry skin and development of eczema:

  • prefer to shower than to take baths
  • use oilbaths for showering instead of using soaps or showering gels
  • lubrication ointments instead of moisturizing cremes or lotions.
  • cotton is better than wool directly on skin

Especially in winter, the appropriate skin care is crucial for avoiding dry skin (find more information here).

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