Invitation of Prof. Dr. Okamoto at the Billrothhaus

Prof. Dr. Okamoto was invited to give a talk about his research as one of the „Top news of the medical research“ in the House of Physicians (Haus der Ärzte, Bilrothhaus). On Tuesday, December 18th at 7pm, Prof. Dr. Okamoto will present recent findings in melanoma research. This Event is open to the public und

Research group lead by Prof. Okamoto finds diverse effects of MC1R variants as riskfactors of melanoma between women and men

MC1R variants are established risk factors of melanoma. These genetic variants lead to the production of the less protective pheomelanin in melanocytes of the skin, thereby leading to rather fair skin and often to red hair. Now, Prof. Okamoto and his team find out that risk is different between females and males. MC1R variants increase