Warts are not only optically disturbing, they can itch and even cause considerable pain. Common warts are clinically benign “tumors” caused by human papilloma viruses (also known as HPVs). Depending on their location, warts can display numerous shapes and forms such as plantar warts as well as genital warts. These human papilloma viruses are spread through direct contact, either skin to skin or by contact to objects carrying the viruses on the surface. The incubation period varies depending on several factors such as the immune status of the carrier.

Dr. Okamoto informs about warts

Prof. Okamoto informs about warts as a medical expert in the field of dermatology and venerology at gesund.at:

Treatment options:

  • anti-wart tintures
  • Cryotherapy using liquid nitrogen
  • Electrokaustic
  • Lasertherapy

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