Univ. Prof. Dr. Okamoto is expert at netdoktor.at and informs online about skin diseases. Netdoktor.at is an online information platform (in German) about health, diseases and their treatments.

Univ. Dr. Okamoto informs about actinic dermatitis on netdoktor.at

Univ. Prof. Dr. Okamoto informs as a medical expert for dermatology at netdoktor.at about actinic damageo (polymorphic light eruption)

  • What are the cause of actinic dermatits?
  • How does polymorphic light eruption appear?
  • How is the diagnosis made?
  • Which therapies are available for polymorphic light eruption?
  • How can you avoid actinic dermatitis?
  • What is Mallorca-Acne?

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