Herpes of fewer blisters are caused by an infection with herpes simplex virus. Although most people have encountered with the virus, the symptoms (blisters) do not always break out. However, in some cases herpes can reoccur and become chronic with frequent relapses. To better understand the disease, dermatologist Dr. Okamoto informs about 9 myths about herpes.

What you should know about herpes:
An interview with dermatologist Dr. Okamoto by Gesund.at

Univ. Prof. Dr. Okamoto discusses 9 myths about herpes as an Expert for dermatology and venerology in an interview with Gesund.at.

During this Interview at Gesund.at Univ. Prof. Dr. Okamoto, dermatologist in Vienna, Austria, explains details about herpes:

  • Myth 1: Fever blisters (herpes) occur only on lips
  • Myth 2: Only kissing is contagious
  • Myth 3: Herpes are annoying but not dangerous
  • Myth 4: One can only wait until herpes heal by itself
  • Myth 5: household remedy is the best against herpes
  • Myth 6: One cannot avoid herpes
  • Myth 7: Herpes is curable
  • Myth 8: Some people are immune against herpes
  • Myth 9: Certain foods help prevent herpes


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